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Are parents punished in their grave because of children sin?



I am from Bangladesh.

I want to know some dream explanation of my dead father. My father passed away nine years back. September 2019.He was a very religious person and he died at the age of 57.We are three sister. We have seen him in our dream rarely. But Whenever we see him in our dream, most time we saw either he is in rush, he has to go somewhere or see him upset, something like not happy with us. We used to do charity for him also. But since nine years he comes in  two of my cousins dreams. One cousin sees him regularly, she saw that my father is very hungry ,he is asking for food or  he is very upset. Sometimes they saw my father is angry with her. According to her,  she thinks my father is in pain. She blames us always and try to indicate that my father is not happy with us. We are very upset with this issue? I want to know something. Why my father does not come in our dream? Why only her dream regularly? And sometimes my another two cousins dream?

What is the meaning of dead person asking food or hungry in dream?

What is the meaning of upset? Is he really upset with us? We give sadqah, also we all pray regularly and maintain islamic shariah? Do parents get the punishment in grave due to children sin ?Please let me know the answer all. Also help us to know what is the solution of all? What can I do more for my father? Its very urgent for us .We want to see our father happy.


Wa Alaikum al-salam

thanks for your question
There are different explanation for this (from him really being upset to your prosperity and success), giving sadaqa and charity is great but remember to pay his debts first (to people and Allah both) like prayer and fasting on his behalf.
parents could have hard times because of their children for example if their children due to their bad parting does bad things, they must be accountable for their child’s behavior.
sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi