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Are my floors clean?


I suffer from heavy waswasa and fear my floors may be impure. In my bathroom our laundry basket was broken and so our dirty clothes were on the floor, id kicked some dirty clothes with wet feet and stepped onto the floor leaving a wet footprint. I was unaware if najasat got onto my feet so I wiped that wet area with a probably clean dry garment that was on the floor. After which I went and pored water onto the floor and wiped it with a towel, plus my bedrom floors and didn’t add anymore water cause the towel was wet. I left the towel that I used near the dirty clothes (it might have touched them, im not entirely sure) that was on the floor and I wasnt sure if the towel picked up any najasat, but I remember using the towel again to wipe the floors as my waswasa was acting up telling me that I hadn’t cleaned them enough. Are the floors clean?


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question

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