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Ghusl & Kafan


We know that blood, stool and urine are najis elements. Blood as we know will eventually clot and therefore will not surface during Ghusl/Kafan. We can easily identify stool and urine. The key question is; are any of the other fluids in our system including properties of blood i.e. plasma considered najis? (A majority of the fluids that surface are reddish in colour which look like blood)

If any of the other fluids including those that are reddish in colour are not najis then the question is why do we go to the lengths to seal the body (head, mouth, nose, chest arms, legs etc.) to protect the Kafan?


The pale yellow liquid component of the blood, plasma, is not najis because generally it is not considered as blood which is supposed to be red in colour. Yes, if something comes out of the body which is reddish is colour, it has to be considered as blood and the rulings of the impurity of blood has to be followed.

The sealing of the body with cotton is due to the impure nature of red liquid coming out of the body. However, after Ghusl and Kafan if one sees blood on a part of the Kafan, they have the option of just cutting that piece of Kafan and there is no need of replacing the entire Kafan.

Courtesy: Office of His Eminence Sayyid Sistani

​Kumail Rajani