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Anxiety after Engagement Breakup


Aoa! I am extremely stressed out as my engagement broke up few months back. I was extremely upset and mentally tortured because we and our families were so happy with this relation. and that relation is just like a blessing for me… I have perception now that i have lost that relation because may be Allah is not happy with me due to my past sins and he took that blessing from me… and now i have so many negative thoughts that my life is just finished up and I have no motivation for myself and my upcoming life… I was good at making Duas and now I have zero motivation in making Dua for even myself. Kindly give good and fruitful advice and wazaif for deperssion relief. Thankyou


Waalykum salam sister

Thank you for your Question and sorry to hear about your situation.

Allah is all-Forgiving and all-Merciful my dearest.
Don’t feel that HE wanted to punish you!
Besides all, somethings look like they are really meant for us while they are not. When one door is shut, Allah has already opened up many more, it is on us to recognize them and appreciate them and also stop crying for the closed ones as it was never meant to be my dear.

You should certainly speak to Allah in plenty. After all one of the greatest solution in depression is to talk it out, who is more greater than
ALLAH, and HE. Is the only one who has all affairs in HIS hands.

You must spend quality time in doing so.

There are plenty of duas under this website. Kindly see it and choose the duas that beat describe your situation:

Kind regards,
Naajiya Jaffery