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Halal Meat/Chicken



In the West (and generally globally now) the practice of animal rearing and slaughter is one of an industrial nature. Animals are often force fed, kept in small cages, given specific drugs to increase growth and many other such practices, all in order to optimise the production of meat/chicken products.

My question is related to the permissibility of such meat. Even though the end slaughter may be in line with Shariah, does this contravene the concept of Tayyab and hence deems meat/chicken that has undergone such conditions unlawful?

Should preference therefore be given to organically/ethically reared meat/chicken products?

Many thanks Qazim



As per Ayatullah Al-Seyyed Ali Sistani: “A Muslim is allowed to buy all kinds of halal meat from a Muslim shopkeeper who sells it to Muslims. Such meat would be considered halal even if the vendor belongs to a school of thought which have different conditions for slaughtering from ours as long as there is a possibility that the animal was slaughtered in accordance with our conditions”.
General Rules

Although mostly the animals these days are being reared industrially, this does not affect the legality of consumption so long as conditions of slaughtering that have been mentioned in the reference are adhered to. This kind of Islamic slaughtering of animals renders the meat halaal and tayyib.

Kanize Zainab