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anger management


i m a soft heart person, offer 5 time prayer with jamaut, also offer roza, talawat,tasbhi, giving sadqa,zakaat,and khairat at regularly. Have a good decent job, Parents, siblings, relatives, friend and subordinates, colleagues, boss happy, i never harsh to any time to anyone. they all are admire me and my personalty. very good living stander,qualified educated handsome built. 3 daughters 1 son and wife. children at university level all are A plus division holder. BUT….. after 15 to 20 days on a any minor issue i beat every one severely, my temper goes out of control, i beat with my full power and energy….but i still in my senses, after beating just become normal. No can believe that this can happens by me. Alhumdulillah no health / wealth issue, no blood pressure isse. Please guide me.


Waalaykum Salaam,

Kindly refer to the following link: Parents

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