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amr bil maroof


salamun alaykum
Just a quick fiqhi question:

With regard to amr bil maroof, nahi an al munkar, is it wajib to wake up family members for fajr prayers? Or is it such that if one tells them it is wajib that their shari’ responsibility would be complete? If waking them up, would it be wajib to ensure that they get up [e.g. by stopping them falling back to sleep]?


In principle, it is not wajib to wake them up keeping in mind that they know its an obligatory duty. 

Yes, for parents it does become obligatory if it leads to a consideration of salat to be a light duty by their children or it encourages them to be among those whom omits salat very frequently.

I think the following link would be useful for further amr bil maroof


Kumail Rajani