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Amr Bil Ma’roof & Nahi ‘Anil Munkar


Salaaamun alaykum
InshAllah all is well.
I ask for help with amr bil ma’roof and nahi ‘anil munkar.

A person has 2 elder brpthers, who are negligent of their wajib duties. People who dont care if they do haram. E.g. they wont exercise their wajibaat in all deeds but fasting, and are negligent in their prayers.

Because there are so many haram deeds here, should the process to reform the two characters be in steps? For example, it might start with telling them to pray dhuhr and and maghrib on time, but when it comes to fajr on time, then that enjoining can come after they have established their prayers. Then (later on) maybe one can enjoin them to do other wajibs.

Could u provide some info as to whether on not this is a correct method of amr bil ma’roof and nahi ‘anil munkar.?
Could u perhaps give a plan of what should be done by the enjoiner? since it is confusing as to the correct method to do it.


Wa alaykum salaam,

The method mentioned is not an effective method. One should start embedding
in them the LOVE of ALLAH (swt) and the MA'RIFAH of ALLAH (swt) and
automatically they will put efforts to perform their duties. 
Many do not take interest in worship because they do not know why should they do it.

With duas,

Sheikh Safdar Razi