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Am I wrong if I meet my father and this hurts my mother, am I doing a sin? .


My parents got divorce after my marriage. For 13+ years I didn’t meet or see my father for the happiness of my mother as she doesn’t like my father and his family. Although I love my father so much. I wished many times to meet my father but due to my mother anger I could not meet my father. After 13+ years I secretly started to meet my father, I was so happy, I also met my father’s family and cousins. As my mother knew about it, she started misbehave and rudeness to me. I am now married with 4 Daughters and my husband allowed me to meet my father. I am very upset. I love my both parents. My mom says me to stop visiting my cousins from my father side and father, my husband has no issues. What I should do. What Islam says about it. Is it a sin to meet my cousins from my father family and father by my husband permission, if my mother doesn’t like?
I am so upset that I want to die as my mother doesn’t behave good with me. Am I hurting her? Am I wrong?


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

It is the right of your father to see you and both of you have many right over each other. And so does your mother per se.

(See this link to learn about your rights over each other..

A child obliged to keep his/her ties with the parents. It is an obligation. Hence, in that case you must keep that relation with your father.

If it bothers your mother, then simply don’t mention to her to keep her happy and sound.

Please don’t take things too hard and personal on yourself that makes you think of death. . These aren’t very healthy thoughts.

Take help from Allah..
you’re only doing what Allah has asked you to do. Therefore, ask Him (az) to sort the rest for you while you do your best to meet up to your obligations. InshaAllah all goes well.

Your husband is a great source of help at the moment and it’s best to stick to his permission.

Things will fall in place eventually InshaAllah