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am i responsible for my fathers death


Assalamualaikum , please enlighten me
I was going outside to meet my friends daily bcoz of my anxiety and depression and I am taking medcns for it.
Then i got fever and my rest of the family got fever.My dad died after staying in hospital for 25 days.Am i responsible for my father’s death.Was i too selfish.


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question.

im really sorry to hear about your great loss. May Allah (az) bless the departed soul and bless you all with sabr al-Jameel inshaAllah.

It is a difficult time that has downed upon the entire globe. Covid-19 has been quiet trying on all of us and it has demanded that we live a life that we never thought of. it is difficult to be honest, especially with a person who may have underlying issues like depression, anxiety… just like your self.  However, if one set with himself and thought of continuing his life just like before at the cost of a life, may come into terms with the difficulties much easily.
in your case, If you went out with precautionary measures, then you were at least responsible with the outing you were needing. but if you were not careful then you may have brought the virus home. However, death is an inevitable transition from this temporary to the permanent one, and it is something that has been decreed from before. (but everyone needs to act responsibly towards all our affairs, let alone a life threat like Covid-19)

hence, it is sad that probably the virus came home through you, but life and death is in Allah’s hands.
To fill in the gaps you may want to take up more responsibilities at home to be able to fill his space. it may not be the same but something is better than nothing.

Allah keep you and the rest of the family safe.