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Am I going against the Imam zamin, if I say no for the Nikha?


AoA ,

You are doing great work Mashallah!

I am here with a question about my current situation first I am telling you my complete story which is that  My father and mother financially support me in studies and few days back my mother sawa Shia girl for me and discussed with me for my Nikah with her. She convinced my Dad to make this happen but dad was not willing for this Nikha because he knows from sources that those peoples are fake peoples and now my question is as My father is not agreeing  with this new relation and I wear Imam Zamin from the girl’s father because of my mother feels its good. I am so confused what can I do, if I choose mother’s  side and go for marriage but my father has asked me to quit for this Nikha. and if I choose father side, am I going against the Imam Zamin, if i am not going for my Nikah almost everyone in my family is happy and mother will also happy after convincing her that I discussed with an Alim ,So she will also feel relaxed.



Waalaykum al-Salam
Thank you for your question.

It is very important to have compatibility with your future spouse. And one of the greatest things that matter a lot in life is compatibility in faith and belief.
If you are a different sect then know that many things will entail this fact. Like, what will your children follow? What mosque will you both be attending? Etc etc
Hence, it’s best to do your thinking prior to any serious commitment.

Imam Zamin is related to the 8th Holy Imam, Ali ibn Musa al-Rida (as). Since He is known to be a good guarantor and protector. The band that is tied around one’s arm is to symbolise that you are under his protection.

Should you wish to call off this engagement, it doesn’t mean you are going against the Imam Zamin. Because the Imam Zamin will only make sense for the Imam to protect you and the girl from any loss.

I will personally suggest you read more on the Shia faith. Following is a good book to start with:

I pray for the best for you and the sister.