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Am I cheating on my wife if I dint tell her that I was a gay before marriage.


Dear sir. I have a very big problem. I was a gay before marriage . And I married without telling about it. This is my 5th year of marriage. I have a daughter. I don’t do that evil thing. I want to lead a norml life. But I have a guilt that I did not tell my wife. Is this cheating with her. Am I going as per Islam. Will Allah accept my marriage.


Waalaykum al-Salam brother.
Thank you for your question.

No one is supposed to disclose his past to anyone. Especially the errors and sins one may have committed in the past. Your marriage was like that new opportunity that Allah brought forward for you to stay away from such grave evil. Hence, make the most of this opportunity, as you are already doing Alhamdulillah, and let the past stay where it was.

Ask Allah for forgiveness and let the matter stay between you and Him. Do not attempt to ruin your family life. You are not cheating on your wife by not disclosing your past. Hence, concentrate on your life, the great opportunity and most importantly your daughter and children to come. Make sure you coach them and be there for them in such a manner that they do not fall into the evil that you are now regretting.

Allah bless you!