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Am I allowed to ask khulla as i dont like my husband?


Asalamualaikum,I wanted to know if someone gets married under pressure and due to emotional black mail and isn’t happy with the marriage or attracted to the husband (doesn’t like him at all either ) is the marriage valid?
My parents had been pressuring me for years about getting married to someone they chose and despite me saying no they always put so much family pressure on me and because of so much emotional black mail I finally gave in and they got me married even tho they knew I wasn’t happy with it at all and I can’t stay in this marriage as I don’t like the guy. I also wanted to know if I’m allowed to ask for a khula if this marriage is valid and if my parents have a say in this?
I also wanted to know if I would get gunah as I’ll be going against my parents by asking for khula so if they stop talking to me or disown me will I be committing a sin as I’m being disobedient to them And If the guy is in another country can I still ask for khula I feel like I’ll be hurting my family so much by doing this but I’m only 19 and I don’t want to be in a marriage where I don’t like the guy and not be able to fulfill the rights but I know for sure my parents will not speak to me again as it’ll ruin their reputation according to them
Jazakallah kayr


Alaikum salam Wa Rahmatullah.

Your marriage is validated as soon as the Nikah was recited. Its unfortunate that you don’t like your husband. If this man is a good faithful Muslim, try thinking over the reason of your dislike. Love would come after marriage, when one stays with their partners and gets to know them better. Allah s.w.t infuses that love in the hearts of spouses after the lawful marriage contract has been recited.
Although it is the last resort to get a divorce, its still your legal right islamically and with reasonable explanations to the representative of your marja, you can take a khula even if your husband lives outside country.
As far as disappointing your parents is concerned, although its something you do need to worry about, but because it is a matter of your own life decision, you could explain to them about your feelings of this relationship or take help from an elder to explain them that your whole life would be ruined if you ended up making a wrong decision.
Think very carefully before taking the step. If there is any way to resolve, atleast give it a try and some time to think it over whether the marriage would work or not.
If youre as good to your parents as possible, they would never disown you in their hearts even if they appeared to be doing so. Allah will guide them to come around inshAllah and it is only He who keeps the reputation of the believers.
I pray you get the guidance from Allah in taking this decision, inshAllah.

Salma Alawi