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Am I a culprit infront of Allah swt… ..


Assalamu alaikum

I spoke rudely  to a Muslim brother and He is my friend also..and He felt insulted..after that I spoke with him and said “Please accord with me if I said anything wrong” and at last I said a Salam..but he replied NOTHING even to my I culprit infront of Allah???if yes, what I have to do next when I see him???


Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your question.

You did a good thing to ask for forgiveness from him after realizing you had insulted him or he felt insulted.

Apologize to him and tell him that you are willing to compensate if there was anything.

Apology is one of the foundations and Compromising and compensating is another correct way of apology.

If you apologize in the right way, and are ready to compensate and pay any loss done from your side, but he does not agree, his right will be lost.

Try apologizing once more at a good time, sincerely apologise and assure of him of not repeating it. We believe he should accept you. But if you still fail and he doesn’t respond then ask Allah(swt) for forgiveness.

Sometimes, if we have done bad to someone, and it is difficult to obtain the persons forgiveness, then it is best to do some good on his behalf, like give charity on his behalf, recite a tasbih, do a mustahab salah.. etc
Also, it is best to be mindful of self actions and words. Allah has blessed us with the ability to express and we should use it correctly insha’Allah.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


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