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Compilation of Al Gadeer


In how many years did allama Abdullah Amini completed writting Al ghadeer ?
Which Shia alim was murdered on writing a book on Fazael e Ali a.s by mughal emperor ?


Wa Alaikum al-salam
Thank you for your Question

Allamah Amini (r.a) began writing of Al- Ghadeer in approximately 1930 and he didn’t finished writing it; the book has been since published 11 times. 9 volumes still remain unpublished.

Regarding your second question, I didn’t encounter such an alim in the history of Mughals in ISLAM, they did use some of scholars like Nasir al-Din al-Tusi but the alim who was specifically writing a book on fazael imam Ali a.s, I haven’t encountered there is a murder of Attar of Nishapur by a Mughal mercenary but it doesn’t fit to what you’ve asked.

Mohamad Mosayyebi