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Age of people in hell


Age of people in hell?

Thank You for your question
We don’t have such narrations which specifically mention the age of people in hell.
According to the Quran,the life in the hereafter differs from the life in this world.
One of the differences mentioned is the that in the hereafter unlike this world people don’t die,things don’t decay or get spoilt.
That world is the eternal abode where things don’t  get wornout.
(Refer to verse no 15 surah Muhammad and verse no 8 surah Rum).
Another difference between this world and the hereafter is that the concept of time in this world is very different from the next world. As the Quran says in surah Ma’arij ayah 4 that the measure of one day will be equal to fifty thousand years.
Therefore, age ,its factors and requirements differ in both the worlds.
Sukaina Taqawi.