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Afraid of marraige


I have done adultery 7 years ago and now my parents wants me to get married but I am afraid of marriage as I think that what will happen if my future husband will know about my past life which I have left 7 years ago but that fear of getting caught and insult of me and my parents I am very afraid of marriage. Kindly tell me what should I do about it.


Wa alaykum salam

It is natural for human beings to make mistakes but the one who regrets and repents is loved by Allah swt.
At the same time the honor and dignity of a believer is very dear to Allah swt. He does not like that His servants be belittled infront of others.
My advice to you is to rely on Allah swt,pray to Him and entrust your matters to Him. He is the best of planners.
Another thing you can do so is visit a good gaenocoelogist. She might be able to help you solve your problem.

Sukaina Taqawi.