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Advice to guide a friend about islam


Assalamu alaykum agha I am seeking help for a friend of mine. He is very mislead. He drinks alcohol goes clubbing does zina and every possible gunah. Even in ashura julus he keeps looking at non mahrams. His wife also left him because he made her roam around without hijab. We tried to make him understand many times that he is very wrong but he always says that tomorrow we have to die anyways so let me enjoy my life. I don’t care about what people think or say abt me. I will live like tht and i love it. Pls advice what to do


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question.
It is sad that he is losing all his dear and near ones because of his laid back attitude.
Your friend needs to realize the greatness of the other side of the scenario. For this, as friends, you will have to kind of pull him towards that path. Could be by force a few times, to begin with. E.g.
1- show him real love: say, take him to play soccer with children suffering from cancer. Some may not be able to play, but they will sit and cheer for their friends, these kinds of things open the shut doors of the heart. Giving love to the less fortunate brings a lot of realization and forces a person to widen up his horizon.
Simultaneously, nothing beats real love! Probably an Arbaen walk to the master of all the hearts Aba Abdullah al-Hussein (s) will definitely make his materialistic world really small, in fact, close to nothing!
This kind of plans by a circle of friends to help this particular friend will be counted as one of your greatest Ibadah Inshallah.
2- knowledge. Looks like he doesn’t know much about his religion and his creator. Islam has brought to us for ease and not to make our life miserable. If someone is having a different impression then he hasn’t quiet got the entire scenario. For this, you have to find a way to educate him. Whatever way that may work for him should be used.
InshaAllah that these simple steps help you to help your friend
May Allah have mercy on all of us
Kind regards


Naajiya Jaffery