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Advice on Sincerity and Pure Intention.


Asslam alikum Mera question yh hai k mein jis kisi k sath bhi mukhlis rahon mujhe sab sirf matlab k tym bulate hain apna kaam niklwa k phr onko meri awaz tak buri lagti hai even k mere husband bhi ager onko mujh se koi kaam ho tu sahi se baat krte hain warna 1 min mn zaleel kr k rakh dete hain mere apne ghar wale jb koi imp kaam means paison k hawale se ho tu baat krte hain jb mn arrange kr k de don phr rabta ni krte na mera phone sunna pasand krte hain or phr yh sab kuch dekh k mera dil khoon k aansoo rota hai plz mujhe btain k mn aisa kya karon ya kya aisa parhon k mere husband k sath sath baqi sab bhi mujh se otni muhabbat karin jitni mein krti hon plz help me Allah bless you…


Alaikum salam
In Islam, Any action without sincerity will not go high, nor carry any effect. Pure intention is the core of every action, and that is Qurbatan ilallah. ie, for the closeness of Allah the Almighty. Try having this intention and repeat it over and over again to yourself. Remind yourself that even if people like your husband dont appreciate the good you do for them, you will still do it because it is your responsibility. If you think people are taking wrong advantage of you, politely tell them you cant, this too should again be with a pure intention and not to get back at them. A person with a good heart will like to serve people for the sake of Allah but maintain his or her dignity at the same time.
Allah is the only one who brings hearts together, and you have to only do your duties and wait for the plan of Allah. Once you trust Allah completely in all your matters, even if you are not able to help them but you wished you could, be sure they will naturally love you even if you havent done anything for them. This is the power of sincerity and intention. Next time you do any good for them, try preparing to do good for yourself first by having a pure intention for the closeness of Allah without any expectations. You will make shaitan cringe with bitterness.

Salma Alavi