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Adopting a puppy as a pet…


My daughter is 12 yrs. old. She is asking for a puppy as a pet. I have refused so far, and not willing to change my stand. I thought of checking to make sure. Please advise


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.

It is better not to keep puppy or dogs as home pets. May be you can chose another option.

According to Ayatullah al-Udhma Sayyid Ali Sistany:

Question: Is it permissible to keep a dog as a pet in my house?

Answer: It is better not to, and its preferable to choose another animal as a pet, as a dog is ritually impure (Najis) according to Islamic law, and thus it would cause one to live with considerable difficulty. It’s also been mentioned that prayers in a place with a dog around is abominable (Makrooh).

Question: Can I keep a cat, hamster, and rabbit in my house?

Answer: There is no problem in it,

Note: The body and the saliva of the cat, rabbit, and hamster is ritually pure (Tahir), yet its urine, feaces, and blood are Najis

Question: If a dog licks my body or clothes, how should I purify it?

Answer: It is sufficient to wash it once. However, if the water is little, it is necessary to rid it of the water by wringing.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider