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Asslamwalikum my name is Aeman I am 22 year old. I am one month divorced there was no physical relationship between us because he has erectyl dysfunction and he denied for treatment so that’s why I got separation from him. now after 2 years a marriage proposal came for me, of a boy aged 27 he was also divorced. the family is nice and also a boy is nice and humble. but the issue is that there house was not so good and not much facilities there. Allhamdulliah i have seen facilities in my house since childhood so, thats why I am confused kindly guide me through this matter


Alaikum salam.
If the proposal is good enough to consider, maybe you can request the man to move to another house or even offer him to live at your place with rent if you have a different apartment of your own. If you think things would not work out but to live in his house, it would depend on how easily you can adjust living in a lower faciltated house condition.
Such matters appear to be small but they end up creating problems in future so think of it carefully before making a decision.
It is only you who can make a proper judgment by considering the proposal worthy to be accepted or not.
I pray that things turn out well in the end inshAllah.

Salma Aalavi.