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According to Islam and shariyah what is my responsibility as a wife?


Aoa. I have a question. I got married month and a half ago. Our nikkah was performed and rukhsati was decided to be done at the end of the year 2019 because Iam currently doing a Masters degree and my husband lives abroad. As the visa process takes 7-8 momths so it was considered feasible to everyone. And thus we got married. My husband and I didn’t know each other before marriage. It was a totally arranged marriage. We didn’t have any husband wife relationship when he was in pakistan after our nikkah. We now talk on audio and video call and my husband sometimes jokingly and sometimes seriously convinces me to come to him for visit visa. He became so depressed and even went to a psychiatrist because he felt so alone and also couldn’t concentrate on his job. Sometimes in anger he blames me for this and tells me that he doesn’t know whether this marriage is good for him or not.
I get so depressed and sad when I hear him say these things. And I dont know what to do? Should I give a break to my studies and go to him? Or Should I make him understand that my studies will help me if any bad time comes in my future? According to Islam and shariyah what is my responsibility as a wife? Iam very conflicted as before marriage he knew as decided by both our families that I have to complete my studies before coming to him. We had several clashes in just 1 and a half month of our marriage. Please guide me in this matter? I will be very thankful.


Waalykum salam sister

Thank you for your question

It is obligatory on a woman to comply to her husbands needs. It may be ok to keep a condition that you want to first finish your studies. However, as a wife, seeing your husbands condition and situation it is certainly obligatory for you to go to him and start your life together.

Your studies can happen anywhere you maybe. There maybe online options?!! Or probably transfer to a university where your husband lives? I’m sure you’ll find a solution.

Also, disputes, misunderstandings, etc are quiet normal. Especially with the distance. They will gradually reduce or will be more structured as you live together InshaAllah.

InshaAllah all goes well
And you have a wonderful life together