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Accepting each other in marriage on whats app chat without any witness


Me and my cousin are mature and accepted each other in marriage on whats app chat by saying yes 3 times, are we now in nikkah?
We will marry properly as soon as we complete our studies, as for now can we have a physical relationship between us, we both have no problem with that and we both are happy with it.
We are of same status and we did so as we don’t want to engage in any sinful act.
We can also accept each other in nakkah by asking it on phone call or even face to face but without any witness and then after 5-6 years we will marry properly


Thank you for your Question

Marriage is a very special knot. A man and woman cannot enter Into a marriage contract by simply accepting one another, rather, in Islam there is a way to do it.
A Girl who is a virgin needs her father or Paternal Grandfathers permission to marry.

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