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Abusive Non Muslim Mother


Assalamuaikum I am a Revert. I embraced Islam 3 years ago. I come from an Indian Hindu Family. My mother is an extremely rude lady. All my childhood I have seen her fighting with my father and other family members. I also happen to marry a Muslim girl soon Inshallah whose family has agreed to her in my marriage despite being a revert. Now that I have converted to Islam and also am going to marry a Muslim girl, my mother is strictly against this. She is a strict Hindu worshipper. She is extremely rude and she has been torturing me for 10 months now. She curses me day and night. She abuses me physically and verbally. She is literally doing mental torture on me. She has taken my father and my younger brother in her influence. Allah is the witness, I have never ever misbehaved with her or with anyone in my family. I love them and pray for them. She curses me, my life, my destiny, my future wife and kids. She curses my next generation and that I will never ever be able to stay happy and will always perish in life. She even knows a curse of mother never goes waste. I don’t want to say this, but my mother is not a good lady. I do not know what to do. I have come to Australia for studies and I work day and night to earn money because they have threatened to cut me off financially, hence I do not want to be dependant on them. There is torture on the phone. Whenever I go back to India, there is day and night torture in the house. She has no control over her anger nor her tongue. When she becomes angry, she turns into an animal. I am so hurt and fed up all this. Please advise me what can I do? Also, I want to know, does her curse apply to me because she is my mother ? Wallahi I am so scared of curses. I have never even spoken back to her, I obey her in every way, yet she curses me ruthlessly. She even insults my to be in-laws shamelessly in words I can’t even describe. Please advise me on my situation. I know the status of parents in Islam but what if they take wrong advantage of it ? Please give me a life advice so that I get some form of clarity. And Please pray for me. JazakAllah Khair.


Waalykum salam brother

Thank you for your Question.
Indeed parents hold a lofty position, so much so that, their rights in the Quran are mentioned right after the rights of the Almighty (swt) And one must work hard to achieve their happiness. Although this happiness should not go against the happiness of the Almighty. The right of Allah comes before any right!
In that case as long as you’re doing your obligations towards her with love and devotion, rest assured that Allah (swt) will provide you with the best in this world and the next!
Another thing that will show colors after your persistency on it is kindliness and extra love. Keep in being kind and loving, one day it will shoot out and bear the fruits you were wishing to see. Because goodness always bring about goodness.
Cursing by mothers is just the harsh side of her love. Would she be happy to see you Ill? Or destitute?
Let this not bother you, her love for you is running in her veins. And it is the same love that makes her worried and angry simultaneously.
For this, let it be and time shall solve it. Meanwhile your love and kindness should go on and InshaAllah you will see nothing but happiness
InshaAllah that the wedding goes well and you have a wonderful life ahead.
In my duas


Naajiya Jaffery