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About illegal lost ownership land for many years ago


Assalamuaalaikum May I know about lost ownership land . A man bought a land 90 years ago . After buying , he did nothing and he didnt tell anything about that land to his family . His family members even didn’t know location of that land . He went to another country and died .After his death, A few years later that land became lost and illegal and government acquired and owned and using it . They deleted owner records from many offices. So owner family regarded as a completely lost thing. When owner died, we know how to give his legal properties to inheritors by Islamic Law . But we don’t know about lost and illegal properties .How about fatwa for that kind of lost many years ago illegal ownership land ? If anyone or one of his grandsons or daughters tried to get back land or money from government . How about fatwa for that kind of compensation or land ? Islamic Law in Assets mean Legal Ownership ? which means legally can give legally can sell , and can live ?.How about fatwa for lost illegal ownership land for many years ago?
I live in Burma ( Myanmar ) at Yangon city. Here is buddhist country and has no Baitulmal system . Racism , segregation , hate speech , islamophobia and so many problems are happening here . If we want to get back that type of illegal lost ownership land , we have to work for it hard work +a lot of money invest + much time + also risk for the person who took all responsibility just like trials at court and we have to work step by step . But not sure to success. If lost, everythings will be lost . If problemes happened , go to jail .
In Islamic Law, when a muslim dies we need to perform four duties . Among these duties , no.4 duty is to distribute the remainder of estate and property to the relatives of the deceased according to Shariah Law.
So , we can’t do no4 duty because our land is illegal lost ownership land for many years ago .we cannot distribute the remainder of estate and land to the relatives of deceases according to Shariah Law.
Our land owner is burma government now . NowThey are using and renting it .In this situation , my grandfather long years lost without legally owning our land, Do we need to still have the ISLAMIC LAW
OF INHERITANCE ?Inheritance situation or risk work situation (to fight with government )


Wa Alaikum al-Salam Brother Muhamad

Thank you for your question.

It is very sad to learn of what has happened to your noble family.

In the same time in order to be able to claim this, in first place you need to able to solve these two questions for yourself:

  1. How did you get to learn about this?
  2. Do you have any supporting documents for this claim?

Also you must be knowing that every country has its own rules for untouched land for a period of time and also its own formalities for claiming certain matter.

Iltimase Dua