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About finding an answer with tasbih beads.


As Salam waleykum. I have a question. I was taught this by an Lebanese man when I was 7 or 8 and now I barely remember anything. So he said whenever I am confused or dont know which way to choose. I take a tasbih and randomly choose any amount of beads and start taking out 1 bead from both ends until I reach the center and if no beads are left then i can go ahead and do whatever I was thinking about. If 1 bead is left then I shall not do what I was thinking about. How true is this? I googled but no such thing existed in google. Please help me. Thank you.


Wa alaykum salaam

In Islam, there is a concept called istekhara – seeking the best from Allah.
There are various ways of doing istekhara and one of them is by tasbeeh .Lots of ahadith has been mentioned regarding the method of doing istekhara by tasbeeh but most of them are from weak resources.The method which is commonly used by the ulema is as follows :
It has been narrated from al‑Qa’im regarding the Istikhara by the tasbih that: “The tasbih should be taken (in the hand), and blessings should be sent on Muhammad and his family s three times, and then pick a sport on the beads and count them two by two. If at the end only one bead remains, then you should perform that action; and if two beads remain, then you should not perform it. ”

Although the best way of istekhara taught by the Masoomeen a.s is the one done by dua and prayers.
For more information refer to the following link :

Sukaina Taqawi.