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I came to USA in June 2013. i already have 2 sons & after coming here in month of October i came to know I’m pregnant accidentally. i wanted to abort this baby but i didn’t have medical but as i got medical i aborted my child on 3 November 2013. According to the doctor, the baby had heart beat & it was almost 2 months. i aborted my baby because i think myself I’m not a good mother & person & i get angry very much. sometimes i beat my sons very badly, shouting at them ,scolding them on petty things so i thought if i gave birth to this baby he will have to suffer my madness too so it will be good for him. My husband allowed me to take decision. But now my internal calm has completely finished i think as i killed my baby. i murdered him only because i was having some mental problem. Please tell me did i do the right or wrong thing. If i did wrong what should i do now?


In the above mentioned case, nothing has to be done except a genuine repentance. The very fact that you are feeling guilty is a strong indication about your repentance. Allah swt is all forgiver and merciful.

Yes, the blood money has to be paid by the doctor/anyone who was directly involved in the abortion surgery. However, parents can forgive the doctor. And if wife has committed, husband can forgive her from this payment.

Kumail Rajani