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Aamal For Acceptance of a Dua.


Amaal for acceptance of dua.


Alaikum salam.

Dua in short means to Call out. As soon as one calls out to Allah, He will answer a person. This means there is no specific amaal for acceptance of Dua, but rather some pre-requisites to follow that will give acceptance to all his duas such as,

A sincere intention and a strong connection to Allah s.w.t when calling out to Him, without
associating any partner to Him.

Trusting in His All encompassing Mercy and Wisdom.

Following Allah’s commandments in performing the obligations commanded by Him, and refraining from the evil He has made forbidden.

If the above are practised well and maintained, then know for sure that all duas are accepted. One would trust and love the creator of wisdom who sometimes hasnt apparently given what he or she desires, but either given something better, or forgiven all his sins or reserved something better for him in the hereafter. This clearly shows that He is always answering the Dua made by a believer.
This is the answer to the call of dua that Allah Himself promises in the Holy Quran,

ادْعُونِي أَسْتَجِبْ لَكُمْ
Call me and I will answer you (ghafir:60)