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A question in taharat.


Asslam u Alaikum.

After taking a bath and wearing clean  clothes sometime usually  in the morning. I notice liquid discharge on my underware. I am 17 years old. If possible guide me as per the rulings of Imam Khamenei on this.



Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your question

Perform Istibra after urinating and if the liquid comes after performing Istibra and you doubt whether the liquid is urine or not, it will be considered Paak but if you haven’t performed Istibra and the liquid comes which you doubt to be urine, it will be ruled as urine and najis.

According to Ayatullah Khamenei:

Q 91: Occasionally, after urinating and doing istibrā’, wetness similar to urine comes out involuntarily. Is it najis or pure? And, if one notices the problem by chance after a while, what is the rule concerning the prayers he has performed earlier? Is it obligatory in the future to examine this wetness, which comes out involuntarily?

A: The wetness that comes out after doing istibrā’, about which one doubts whether it is urine or not, is not considered urine. It is to be considered pure, and it is not obligatory to do any investigation in this case.

Q 92: Please give an explanation concerning the different wet discharges that one may experience.

A: The wetness that comes out occasionally after the discharge of semen is called ‘wadhi’ That which comes out occasionally after urinating is called ‘wadi’, and that which comes out after foreplay is called ‘madhi’. All of them are pure and do not invalidate wudū’.

Q 94: Due to a urinary disease, the urine does not stop and wetness comes out after urinating and doing istibrā’. I have consulted a physician and acted on his prescription but it had no use. What is my duty?

A: Doubt concerning discharge of urine after doing istibrā’ is not to be taken into account. But if one is certain that there is a discharge of some drops of urine, one’s obligation is to act according to the duty of that who is incontinent to urine as explained in Imam Khomeini’s (q.) book on Practical laws of Islam and he has no other duty.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider