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A question about Tawheed.


Salam….one of my non believer friends asked me if nothing can create without any creator then who created Allah?
Please guide me to satisfy him.i am so confused.


Wa Alaikum al-salam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

Thanks for your question

Short answer:  every possibility requires a creator to create it, but Allah swt is not a possibility, he is necessity so He can be without any creator.

Long answer:

Relationship of existence and things(beings): Every concept and thing is either possible (like most of things that we see, trees animals etc.) or impossible (like unity of opposites for example a surface of a paper in the same time, from same aspect, in one place cannot be both black and non-black) or necessity (like the concept of Allah (swt)).

The correct form of This sentence is “nothing possible can be created without any creator”; so based on this, every possible concept requires a creator to make it happen. But Allah is not a possible concept, His existence is necessary, and necessary being doesn’t have cause; besides accepting and imagining a cause for Allah swt will raise the question about the reason for the creator of that creator and so on which leads to infinite regress, that means nothing must have existed.

So Allah swt doesn’t need any creator.

In lay man’s language: A creation has to have a creator. Allah is the first and final creator (He is not a creation). Nothing brought Him. What ever would have brought Him (naudhubillah) then that would be the God. if we keep on believing in a chain of creators then we get into a spiral that never ends. And anything that results in such a spiral is invalid. Hence, the creation has to come to halt somewhere (a being who is needless). and that is Allah  (az)



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