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A question about Minor sin of qiyamah.


I used to pray 5 times daily until some questions arise in my mind. Please  help me
My first question is concerning the minor sign of qiyama. There are many signs of qiyamah for example violence, bloodshed and anarchy will become common and musical instruments will be played in every household. So my point is that, If Allah wants all people to do good deeds, Why does Allah say that all these signs will happen?


Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your query.

We should remember that Allah(swt) doesn’t want these bad things to happen, rather it is the human being who creates these.

As Allah(swt) has knowledge of the future. He already knows of these before it’s happening. He mentioned these to us in order to be aware and inform the people so that we can stay away from these things. He has also mentioned the Hellfire, but does this mean we act against His commands so we go to Hell? Of course not. He has mentioned all these beforehand so we can separate ourselves from that group who will indulge in the cruelty.

The world, full of cruelty and injustice is not one of the certain signs. But yes, as time goes on, the injustice is also increasing. However, the true followers of Allah will keep acting upon what has been commanded. And when the Day of Judgement arrives, the true servant of Allah will be ready for it.

Our duty and responsibility is to act upon what Allah has commanded and not to wait for the signs to appear and then start rather we should try to become a true Muslim by fulfilling our Islamic duties.

Besides this, it doesn’t mean you stop praying and don’t act upon your religious duties. We should be fulfilling our part of what has been incumbent upon us and leave the rest to Allah. If you leave praying, that means you are becoming a part of that cruel system and are considering yourself amongst the group on which Allah will not shower His blessings, rather the anger of Allah is on that group and those will be punished severely.

Remember, these are the satanic tricks and thoughts by which satan will deviate you easily and make you amongst his own army and you will be the loser on the day of Judgment. Hence, never let these thoughts overcome your soul otherwise you will be easily trapped by satan and the cruel system.

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May Allah(swt) grant you success and give us Tawfiq to make ourselves ready for the Day of Judgment.


Syed Haider