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A dua to change my fiance decision.


Two years ago I was engaged to my cousin,She is my mother’s sister daughter, We both were happy about this and Our parents were also, we did the Istekhara which is Good. But now her mind was changed ,as she went to university for her studies,I believe that her mind was forced by her friends to spoil our engagement, and now she is refusing the relation. Before that we were very happy and I like her and want to get married to her only. I want to ask alim sab, that please tell me any tasbeeh( any thing to recite or verses) so that she changes her mind for me.


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

It can be down right upsetting and worrying to see sudden changes in your fiancé. But at times, life takes turns and makes you take different decisions. Vision and prospects change. So, it can be any of these, that has made her changer her mind.

I will suggest you have a good talk with her and listen to her reasons. See where you can support her and where she maybe making a mistake. Maybe she is thinking of a different life after marriage, if you can provide that for her (ofcourse, it should be someething you’re able to do) then, announce it to her.

Explain, that this decision is not one sided and she needs to convince you to break of the engagement.

In the meantime, I will ask you to speak to Allah (az) in plenty and ask for guidance from Him. Recite plenty of Salawat and if possible 40 days Ziarat Ashura

InshaAllah all goes well and Allah (az) blesses you with the best spouse that He (az), chooses for you