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Salaat after Reciting Ziyarat


Assalam alaykum, We usually recite a 2 rakaat salaat after reciting any ziyarat: (1) Is the 2 rakaat salaat necessary to be recited? (2) If one is reciting the ziyarat for a particular purpose like fulfillment of desire, is it necessary to follow it with the salaat? (3) If one recites ziyarat of Ashoora for 40 days for some purpose,should it be followed by the salaat for it to be effective?


Alaykum Salaam

1) The salat is mustahab
2) It is Mustahab to recite 2 rakat salat after the ziyarat of any of the 14 Ma’sumins (A) with a niyyat of Qurbatan ilallah and at the end of the prayer dedicate the reward of the salat to the Ma’sum (A)
3) It is Mustahab to recite the salat after every ziyarat, not wajib

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer